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CBD4Dogs.com Philosopy

Keeping our furry friends happy and healthy is important to us. All-natural CBD oil has proven therapeutic health benefits and can improve your dog’s quality of life. In addition to helping your dog feel calmer, CBD oil has been known to boost joint and muscle support, act as an anti-inflammatory and relieve pain.

At CBD4Dogs.com, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality CBD products for your pets. That is why we offer Hemp Bomb products. Hemp Bombs is an industry leading manufacturer of all natural CBD products. The Industrial Hemp used is organic-certified and premium grade to ensure that it is free of pesticides, heavy metals and contaminants. You can buy with confidence knowing that your dog is receiving the highest quality product available.

CBD4Dog.com – Quality Matters

CBD4Dogs.com is a division of Valley Supply Inc. Valley Supply has been dedicated to providing top-notch products to customers since 1981. In 2018, we decided to branch into the CBD market and began researching the products and their manufacturers. Through our research, we established a relationship with Hemp Bombs – the leading U.S. manufacturer of CBD products. It is through this partnership that we are able to help you address the rising demand for CBD products. Please contact us if you have any questions by calling 1-888-319-6652.