CBD Hemp Bombs for Pets 1 oz 125 mg Tincture (oil) – Beef

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Premium Pet CBD Oil is designed specifically for pets. We understand that pets are a part of the family too, and can suffer from just as many stressors and health challenges as their owners. That’s why premium quality ingredients and manufacturing processes are used to make our 125mg Pet CBD Oil. Premium Pet CBD Oil encourages digestive health, behavioral wellness, immune system support, and overall health and wellness in your pets. This product is recommended for pets as a source of pain relief, aide for certain complications that may arise with old age, and treatment for hyperactivity and anxiety. See the positive changes Premium CBD Pet Oil can make in your precious pets’ lives by ordering today.

Product Info
• One bottle of 125mg Pet CBD Oil
• Consult dosing guide for serving size.
• Tested by Independent Labs
• Non-THC


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: See Dosing Chart
MCT Oil, Hemp Oil, Pure CBD